Wrestling – a combat sport, involving the physical struggle of two competitors - the fight takes place simply by using grips.

The beginnings of this sport go back to ancient times, when wrestling struggles were one of the attractions of the Olympic Games organized in Greece. These were the first sports struggles. In Japan, the equivalent of wrestling is sumo competitions. The wrestling fight lasts two rounds after 3 minutes. with a break of 30 seconds or two rounds for 2 minutes with a break of 30 seconds.


Fighting rules

The goal of wrestling is to put your opponent on the shoulder. This is the most valuable victory in wrestling by the so-called "Carcasses". Just for 1 sec. hold your opponent so that he touches the wrestling mat with two blades. To achieve this goal, various types of "grips" (wrestling techniques) are used, for the performance of which judges in free style and in women's wrestling 1, 2, 4 points. technical, and in the classical style 1, 2, 4, 5 technical points. Whoever scores more points in two rounds of battle wins points. If it is a high point advantage in a free style or in women's wrestling (a difference of at least 10 technical points), in a classic style (a difference of 8 points) then there is a victory due to a high point advantage so-called. "technical ink".


Technical points

Technical points are obtained for performing the technique, and their amount depends on the degree of threat the opponent found after attacking.

  • 1 point Technical can be obtained for technical activities in combat such as: for leaving the battlefield, for foul play in combat, for leaving the ground floor position on the opponent, for running away from the mat or from the grip.
  • 2 points Technical is obtained for actions that lead the opponent from the stand to the ground floor. The ground floor is when the player is lying down or in a supported knee (he touches the knees, hands or head of the mat - a minimum of three support points) and will be dominated in this position by the attacked player. 2 points technical is also obtained for such actions that lead the player attacked on the ground floor to the "endangered" position. Such a rating can also be obtained for an opponent's foul that prevents the correct performance of a technical action and for escaping outside the battlefield in the bridge position (position described in the chapter on combat technique).
  • 4 points technical is obtained for such actions, which from the standing position lead the attacked player directly to the "threatened" position.
  • 5 points technical ones are obtained in the classic style when the technical action is performed with a large amplitude, i.e. the technique is made with the opponent fully detached from the mat and during the performance the competitor performs a large flight. The projection is very effective and spectacular for the audience.


Stocks are divided into

  • classic style – only above the waist are allowed
  • Freestyle – you can also grab your opponent's legs.

In stock, any leverage or stewing techniques are prohibited. In wrestling a big role is played by strength, speed as well as cleverness and instinct of the player.

Competitors fight in appropriately adapted weight categories depending on sex (women, men) and age of the players (age groups: seniors over 18 years, juniors aged 18-20, cadets aged 15-17 and youngsters between 12 and 14 years old) .
There are 8 weight categories in seniors, including two non-Olympic weight categories.

  • Freestyle wrestling: Olympic categories up to 57, 65, 74, 86, 97 and 125 kg and non-Olympic categories up to 61 and 70 kg.
  • Classic style wrestling: Olympic categories up to 59, 66, 75, 85, 98 and 130 kg and non-Olympic categories up to 71 and 80 kg.
  • Women's wrestling: Olympic categories up to 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75 kg and non-Olympic categories up to 55 and 60 kg.

There are 8 categories in juniors, 10 categories.

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