Boxing is one of the oldest sports already known in ancient Greece and Rome. He was in the program of the ancient Olympic Games, while as an amateur sport boxing appeared in the program of modern games from 1904. Boxing and other martial arts have their own rules. In boxing, of course, the basis are blows and defense. Below are the most important ones worth knowing about:


Defensive positions we can distinguish in boxing are:

  • Dodge – an element of technique used in defense, in which the boxer goes beyond the range of the opponent's blows by reflection from both legs. Dodge is an effective passive defense against all types of blows.
  • Deviation – an element of technique used in defense consisting in moving the torso out of the range of the opponent's blows, while the legs and hips in the boxing position remain motionless, the deflection is used in the defense against straight blows up and sickle blows.
  • Garda – an element of technique used in boxing as a passive defense; consists of adjusting gloves and forearms to protect the boxer against the opponent's blows.
  • Corner – withdrawing the leg to avoid being hit and then leading the counter


Boxing blows

They are a basic element of the technique in boxing, boxing punches are correct if they are inflicted by the front, stuffed part of the closed glove (often marked in white) in the front and side parts of the head (to the line of the ears) and above the waist in front and side to the line of shoulders loosely along the torso. You can mention for example:

  • Straight punches - boxing punches most often used in combat, characterized by high speed and effectiveness, are used in ranged and half-distance attacks as well as counterattacks in defense, there are four basic straight punches: left straight up (in the head), left straight on down (in the torso), right straight up and right straight down (in the body).
  • Crescent hits - side blows that reach the opponent from the side, hitting the side parts of the head and torso, most often used in half distances. Crescent blows are characterized by strong torsional work of the torso with the transfer of body weight towards the blow in cooperation with the legs, hips and shoulders. The basic sickle blows are left sickle, right sickle, left sickle elongated and right sickle elongated.
  • Blows from the bottom boxing blows are inflicted with the hand bent at the elbow, used in half-distance and in melee, in attack and defense, the basic blows from below are right from below and left from below.
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