Below a small pull from what you need to take with you when coming to trainings:

  • BOXING: boxing gloves, hand straps, crotch protector, head protector.
  • MUAY THAI: boxing gloves, hand straps, crotch, shin guard, and head protection.
  • BJJ: shorts and T-shirt (GI + Kimono, NO GI - without Kimon)
  • STOCK: shorts and T-shirta
  • MMA: boxing gloves, hand straps, crotch protector, shin guards and mma gloves.
  • K1: shorts, T-shirt, gloves
  • KRAV MAGA: T-shirt, shorts, jaw protectors, crotch, crossbones, gloves
  • CIRCUIT TRAINING: shorts, T-shirt

People who are just starting their adventure with sport can take the first sports outfit for the first training: shorts, T-shirt. The trainer will definitely give you further instructions :)

Children who train in our club should also be provided with sports outfit. Any necessary equipment is available on site.

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