1.Before using the Training Room, read the rules and instructions for using and operating the training devices. 

2.All persons using the Training Room must comply with the provisions of the regulations and instructions for the use of its device.  

3. Persons who violate the order, the regulations or the applicable rules agreed with the Supervisor or the Owner of the Hall may be removed from the gym.

4. Young people under the age of 18 may use the classes in the Hall only under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians or after showing written consent from their parents or legal guardians for the use of the above classes.

5. Admission to the training surface of the gym (on the mat) only in sports outfit, without footwear or in footwear specially designed for exercising on the mat

6. The owner of the Training Room is not responsible for items left in the cloakroom and any valuable items (cash, payment cards, cell phone, etc.) brought to the Training Room.


1. Before starting the exercise using training accessories for safety reasons, the user should check the technical condition of the accessories he will use and in case of noticing any faults, report this fact to the Caretaker or the Hall Owner - otherwise the responsibility for the damage will fall on the currently exercising persons. Performing exercises without appropriate equipment, protectors (boxing helmet, head protector, gloves, shin guards, jaw) is solely and exclusively on the trainer's own responsibility. Doing exercises with damaged or inoperable accessories is prohibited.

2. The equipment should be used in a safe manner, ie ensuring care for people's safety, respect for the equipment and the Hall, and the trainee is responsible for all damages arising in the Hall.

3. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of using the accessories, please contact the Room Supervisor or the Owner.

4. After completing the exercises, the training accessories used should be left in proper technical condition.

5. Each person using the Hall accessories cleans after themselves and places the items used during the exercises in the right place.

6. For the destruction or damage of equipment caused by using it contrary to the instructions for use, a payment of 100% of the damage value applies.

7. The exerciser leaves an impeccable order, maintains silence and does not use profanity.

8. The gym is forbidden:

  • consuming alcoholic beverages, drugs, intoxicants
  • exercise under the influence of these measures, smoking and exercising if you feel unwell.

9. All irregularities noticed should be immediately reported to the Supervisor or the Room Owner.


1. A person who wants to use the Training Room should consult a doctor about their health.

2. Each exerciser knows their capabilities and is responsible for the exercises themselves - the owner of the room is not responsible for the health of the exercisers.

3. Persons using the Hall do so at their own risk.

4. The owner of the room is not responsible for injuries resulting from the use of training devices.

5. The owner of the room is not responsible for accidents resulting from non-compliance with the instructions recommended by the supervisor or the owner of the room.


1. Photographic images are sometimes taken in the hall. These photos will be used for the needs of the Room, i.e. on the Facebook profile, at, or as an exhibition in the Room. If you do not agree to place a photo with your person, please inform the Guardian or Owner in writing.

2. The person staying in the Hall simultaneously accepts the provisions of these regulations.

3. In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations, the Guardian or the Owner of the Room has the right to remove persons who do not comply with the Regulations.

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